THE WINNING LINES: Tales from my dating days #14

We’d been flirting online for weeks.  It had all been leading towards a real-life-actual-date but—just as I headed out the door to meet him—my phone rang.
It was him.

He sounded panicked: “I can’t make it tonight. My dog’s not very well.”

Well, fair enough. When you have dependents—whether they’re a human or a furry friend—you have a duty to look after them. So, I didn’t mind him cancelling at all.

I texted him the next day to ask how the dog was, and to see when he wanted to meet.

But I never heard from him again.

I still have no idea whether he’d got cold feet and the dog was just an excuse, or whether dog-illness-sadness prevented him ever dating again, or perhaps he was whisked off his feet by a particularly sexy vet.
Whatever happened, I hope the dog was OK.